Hermética y diseño de la literatura de Joao Guimaraes Rosa
Tapia Mendoza, Alejandro


Diseño en Síntesis
No. 39; Año 19, Segunda Época, Primavera 2008
Págs. 6-25

This article portraits the literary trajectory of João Guimarães Rosa as well the nature of its publications in the Jose Olympio Publishing House between the years 1946 and 1967. It also shows the most vital elements for his narrative technique, most of which are established from the hermetic and recovery codes of the popular traditions of the Brazilian Serton. It is possible to see how the very foundations of his poetic art are also present in the editorial of his original publications, which were carefully devised by him. The texts have the aim of solving some visual enigmas and it shows the way in which the hermetic formulation is crucial in order to understand the deep relationship between literature and design in his work.

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